To the future participants of the WMO Workshop on the Use of NWP for Nowcasting:

We are looking forward to your participation at the WMO Workshop on the Use of NWP Nowcasting to be held at NCAR in Boulder, Colorado, beginning on 24 October and ending on 26 October 2011. In preparation we wanted to give you some general information.

The Workshop will be held in Room 1212 at the Center Green campus of NCAR. The address is 3080 Center Green Drive, Building 1, Boulder, CO, called CG1. A good map of the location of the buildings is An agenda will be distributed as the event gets closer.

We have reserved lodging accommodations at the
Golden Buff Lodge (free transportation is available from this lodge only)

1725 28th Street, Boulder, CO 80301

Phone: 1-800-999-2833 or 303-442-7450



Rate: $74 plus tax per night

Amenities: Deluxe breakfast coupons for each date of their stay, internet access

When making your reservation please use the following Group Code: "Nowcasting" to get the special rate.
You will be responsible for your own reservation and payment.

Other hotels that could be used but that are not under contract for our workshop are mentioned below.
Government rate ($104/night plus tax) might be available at these lodges below if requested.
Millennium Harvest House

1345 28th Street

Boulder, CO 80302, USA

P: 303-443-3850 | 800-545-6285 | F: 303-443-1480


Online Reservations:
Residence Inn Marriott
3030 Center Green Drive
Boulder, CO 80301

The Denver International Airport (DIA) is located east of Denver and approximately 50 miles from Boulder. The Baggage claim is on Level 5 at the main terminal of the airport. Counters for most means of ground transportation (rental cars, shuttles, buses) are on that level also.
For participants not renting a car, there is a shuttle service called the SuperShuttle that runs between DIA and Boulder, making stops at various Boulder hotels and other sites. You can find information on the SuperShuttle here:

A one-way fare is ~$31. Round-trip is a bit cheaper. The shuttle runs typically every hour . There is no need to make an advanced reservation for the trip to Boulder from DIA. On the return trip to the airport after the workshop, you will need to call them directly for pick-up. Their phone number is 303-227-0000.

We have arranged for a bus or shuttle to pick up and deliver participants from the Golden Buff Lodge. The personnel of the lodge will have information on the bus or shuttle schedules. The schedule will also be sent via email to you. Please let us know before the workshop if you would like to use the bus/shuttle to the workshop.

The Golden Buff has a day restaurant on-site. There are also many restaurants in the near vicinity. The NCAR Center Green facility has a restaurant on-site.

Boulder is situated against the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The days are usually warm this time of year (60 - 70 F.) But the evenings can be chilly. Boulder is over a mile-high in altitude. Therefore, if you are coming from a lower altitude you might experience some fatigue, dizziness, or headaches. Do not worry. Drinking lots of water can help to alleviate most symptoms. Do not push yourself to run or climb stairs quickly. Your body will adjust in a few days.

Looking forward to having you here.

The MMM Workshop Staff
Sudie Kelly
Kris Marwitz


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