Title: Development of a Convective Scale Ensemble Kalman Filter at Environment Canada

Authors: Luc Fillion (speaker), Kao-Shen Chung, Weiguang Chang (McGill University), Monique Tanguay

Abstract: At Environment Canada in Dorval, during the last year, we began developing a convective-scale En_KF in order to examine the assimilation of radar data (e.g. over the Montreal region). At the present time, efforts were concentrated on adapting the Global En_KF code available at Environment Canada (Houtekamer & Mitchell scheme) to a limited-area domain. The attention was then put on basic validations of the analysis step and the forecast model configuration (1km horizontal resolution). We also focused attention on the very early stage of transition from purely homogeneous and isotropic background-error correlations to flow dependent correlations. The role of dynamical and physical processes were then scrutinized. Useful results w.r.t other analysis approaches (i.e.where correlation modeling is used) were obtained. A summary of present results and the general research and development direction to follow on this topic at EC will then be presented at the workshop.